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United Way Launches a Day of Action Program

United Way launched its first ever Annual Community Day of Action on Sturday October. 17, 2008. Volunteers,donors from local businesses and NGO’s spent a day distributing lifesaving bed nets in Nabuli, Pallisa. The day began with a kickoff breakfast and pep rally at Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire’s family firm at Nabuli. Speaking on behalf of the United Way, Mr. Keneth Atim echored United Way’s continued commitment to fighting malaria, a preventable disease that kills over 320 Ugandan’s everyday. “Whereas it is important to treat malaria with other interventions, it is also wise to prevent people from getting malaria in the first place by making sure families have access to bed nets” Said Kenneth Atim, United Way Board Member.

The most effective malaria prevention measure is for children and pregnant mothers to sleep under an insecticide-treated bed net every night; we know that many families in villages cannot afford to buy nets on their own. That’s why United Way decided to join the campaign to mobilize funds to purchase beds nets for families who might need them. Malaria is endemic in 95% of Uganda, but people with low immunity, including pregnant women and children under five are particularly susceptible. Since last year United Way malaria campaign has targeted populations in Eastern Uganda Districts due their isolation from formal health facilities.

United Way Uganda would like to offer a special thanks to all Day of Action volunteers for contributing their time and talents during the 2008 Day of Action event by demonstrating that by working together, we can accomplish more than any single group can do on its own. Day of Action is designed to match volunteers with projects most NGO’s could never undertake on their own.

Thank you to all who participated in the Day of Action. This day would not have been possible without your hard work and support.

Thank You Sponsors
Enerst & Young Uganda
Quality Chemicals Uganda Limited
Hon: Geoffrey Kiryabwire and Family

Thank You Volunteers
John Muhaise Bikalemesa
Mama Angelina Wapakabulo
Rebbeca Mukasa
Betty Kasabbiti
Keneth Atim
Esther Kuloba
Katende Mohamed
Susan Nakangu
Keneth Atim