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URA, Akright in court Thursday

JUSTICE Geoffrey Kiryabwire of the Commercial Court has ordered the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and Akright Projects to discuss the disputed tax imposed on the company before they present their cases in court.

“Go back and discuss the figures that the tax collectors imposed on the company and what the company thinks it should pay, but, you should involve the company’s tax advisors in the discussions before you can seek the court’s assistance,” the judge ordered recently.

Kiryabwire said it would be wrong for Akright Projects to bluntly reject the figure the URA imposed on it without giving a counter figure it takes to be the right one.

Akright sued URA commissioner general, seeking orders to cancel tax assessments of over sh200m imposed on it.

Akright, a real estate developer, alleged that the URA used estimates and wrongly imposed on it outrageous taxes for Value Added Tax, corporation tax and Pay As You Earn, amounting to sh227m.

The firm wants a fresh tax assessment.