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The Bagwere are a Bantu ethnic group in Uganda and constitute some 4% of the population. Around 500,000 Bagwere live in eastern Uganda and exist on subsistence farming. The Bagwere speak the Lugwere language.

They live in the Eastern part of Uganda mostly in Pallisa district, where they are over 80% of the population. They have the Bagisu, the Basoga, the Balamogi and the Itesot and also the Banyole and the Jopadhola (Badama) as their neighbhours

Mbale city, one time reputed to be the cleanest city in Uganda is home to some Bagwere, and have the following towns; Pallisa, Budaka, Kibuku, Kagumu, Kamonkoli, Kadama, Iki-Iki, Bulangira, Kaderuna, Tirinyi,Butebo,Kakoro. Luggwere is also one of the main dialects to be found in Pallisa town. The bagwere have many clans the leading ones being the; Balalaka, Balalaka Bakomba, Bakomolo, balangira, Baganza, badaka, baumo, Banaminto, Bapalama, Banyekero,Batoloyi. Their traditional music is called Tongoli, a five stringed hand held instrument, modeled along a one string instrument elsewhere in Africa known as the Kora, The Bagwere are also identified with Namadu, a set of seven drums as one of the famous traditional musical instruments. They are said to have emigrated to their present area from Bunyoro and Toro, and travelled along lake kyoga crossing river mpologoma. For this reason all tribes settled along the Kyoga like; Baluli, Bakenye, Balamogi have a similar language to Lugwere. Their initial area of settlement has shrunk considerably as the Teso and Bagishu pushed their frontiers inwardly.

The Bagwere are very proud of their heritage especially as they are few in number but are very well educated. 47 of them hold either PHD or masters degrees from world class reputable universities. Their most prominent son is the late Balaki Kebba Kirya one of the founding members of independent Uganda who died in 1994. Some notable Bagwere personalities over the years are; Gwanyi, Yoswa Kirya, Kabazi, Kageni, Prof Kiryabwire Africa’s first black neuro-surgeon; Colonel Paul Babula an Israeli trained Mig Fighter Pilot. He was also presidential pilot for Amin, Binaisa, Obote II, Okello and Museveni; Ambassador Edward .M.K. Wakida once Vice President of ICAO in Canada; Engineer Johnathan Mwedde Chief Engineer Uganda; Professor George Kirya Vice Chancellor Makerere university and High Commissioner UK; Eng Kabanda a principal private secretary to the President of Uganda; Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire the youngest judge of the High Court; Ambassador Dr. Tomasi Sisye Kiryapawo (UK)and Electoral Commission; Professor Ruth Mukama, Ambassadors Mr and Mrs Taliwaku; William Mukama The reknown teacher and politician, Professor Phillip Wabulya; Juliet Rainer Kafire Vice President Democratic Party and a remarkable woman said to have built many Schools in Uganda, Bishop Emeritus Alpakusad Gonahasa Assistant Arch-Bishop of Uganda, Hon Jennifer Namuyangu a State Minister for trade and industry, Dr. Laban Kirya a district chairman, Kalebbo Principal of Uganda Management Institute, Dr. Allan Kwabe a computer engineer in UK, Edmund Wakida an Attorney, Dr. Talisuna of Ministry of Health, Mr. Swaya of Min. of Finance, Bob Wasugirya, Dr. Mutono of the Lodoi Foundation, Dr. Anthony Kebba a renowned AIDS vaccine researcher for WHO, .Sam Lyomoki the Workers represetative in Parliament,Eng Wilson Mulebeke one of the few meterlogical engineers in Uganda, Prof. ABCD kweri, Dr. Twatatwa, Dr. Basima Mpandey, DVC kyambogo University and brother to Prof.ABCD kweri,Prof Yooswa Dambisya of Limpompo University, Dr. Dan Wagaine.

Dr. Kawuuta, a comissioner in Min of Agric,Dr.Wilson.K.Kasolo a Board member of the National Forestry Authority, and the Principal of Nyabyeya Forestry College, Dr. Kinani a Permanent Secretary MOH, Professor Vinand Nantulya of Switzerland, Mr. Mulekwa Eriakimu Namooni the up coming area politician and Director Youth Awaken Organisation, Michael Daka an Infrastructure Consulting Engineer and a Member Daily Monitor Panel of Experts, Francis.W.Balya, Computer Systems’ Expert and son to the late Edward .M.K. Wakida, Bob Mubaala their paramount cultural leader, referred to as Ikumbania, Nathan Namooni the clan head balalaka abakomba, and all clan leader.