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Welcome to my new and updated website. This is a significant improvement over my old site and has been designed taking into account the many comments of the visitors to the old site. I trust that whoever visits this new site will find it easy to navigate and informative. The main objective of my site is to give some insight into the life and work of a jurist from my part of the world, namely Africa and thereby create better understanding of some of the achievements and challenges that we go through.

Through this website I shall still share a lot of the attributes of my last site; like my work in court, various presentations, papers and academic writings. A lot of what you can follow on this site shall be in areas of particular interest to me in subjects like alternative dispute resolution (ADR); corporate governance; business and finance; professionalism; and matters of faith. You shall also find references to a fast track court procedure in Uganda which I helped developed known as the Small Claims Procedure, which is our own brand of small claims court. One new area of interest that I will be adding is “courts of the future” and in particular the use of ICT in the Courts. Just like we see computer programmes and other technologies being used to support or enable banking and other financial services growing and being referred to as Fintech, so I believe the same is happening in the judiciaries of the world and this can be referred to as “Juditech”. Your usual feedback in these areas is welcome and we can initiate a discussion on these topics. Though my work is not yet under the Collective Common (CC) domain, it may be used with acknowledgement of the author and or clearance from me.

I shall also use this site to give updates on the work of my charity The Jovan and Mary Kiryabwire Foundation (set up in honour of my parents) in the areas of health care, education and professional excellence.

On a lighter side we can share discussions on contemporary Christian issues, music (old School), movies and soccer (especially if you are a fan of Man U).

I hope that you will have a great experience visiting this site.


Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire