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Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website. I am happy that you have found the time to visit the website and learn a little about me, my family and what I am doing. In return I am happy to share with you some of my workings and ideals that I cherish.

The website is the idea of a close friend of mine in the Information Technology sector who once asked for my Curriculum Vitae because he wanted me to join a worldwide non profit organization. He said that the website would allow me to reach out to many people who are interested in the same things that I do.

Apart from my work as a Judge in a developing country, I am also interested and involved in a number of other activities. As a Jurist I am interested in evolving mechanisms to access justice for all manner of peoples. I am therefore involved in the development of Alternate Dispute Resolution in my part of the world. I have written and spoken extensively in this area. I am pleased to share some of my workings and presentations in the area together with other academic papers in the area of corporate governance, business and finance, professionalism and faith related issues. I would be happy to get feedback from you on them. I have also made available come of my decisions in the area of commercial law and procedures which is my docket. I hope that we can also have a dialogue on these cases.

Outside work I am a strong believer in community development and providing servant leadership to positively change society. In this regard I am greatly inspired by my mother and late father who showed me that personal success without giving back to society, especially the less privileged has no real meaning. In this regard my family has set up the Jovan and Mary Kiryabwire foundation, a non profit company as a vehicle for such interventions. I do not have club affiliations, but I am a Rotarian.

I am also interested in contemporary Christian matters, music (old school), movies, humor and yes soccer (especially if you are a fan of Manchester United).

Please enjoy the website and be blessed.

Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire



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